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European patent

LDS is your go to address whenever Poland is listed in your B1 publication.

LDS reinterpretation of the role of the modern patent agent creates added value for our clients. Your innovations excite us, and we are a reliable service provider and a trusted partner. You can always get a free estimate for European patent validation, even for last-minute filings.

The team manages patent portfolios
for regional and global players.

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  1. Our billing is clear. We offer free of charge cost quotes without having to place an order.
  2. We take over the representation before the Polish Patent Office free of charge.
  3. We maintain ongoing record of performance of our translators recording in particular: the delivery of the translation on time, quality of the text, consistency of vocabulary and text editing.
  4. Our professionals conduct two-fold verification of specification before filing.
  5. Billing and reporting take place within 2 days from the moment of filing.
  6. After validation process we keep assisting you with renewal payments, SPC requests, recording transfer of ownership.

Our team

Monika Pawłowska

Lead Validation and Records

Martyna Paduch

Validation and Renewals Specialist

Andrzej Kołodziejek

Senior Validation and Renewals Specialist

Anna Sobieszczak-Kokosza

Senior Validation and Renewals Specialist

Agnieszka Żytowiecka

Patent and trademark attorney

Katarzyna Jastrzębska-Białecka


Dorota Olbryś-Matulka

Validation and Renewals Specialist

Natalia Sakowicz-Pokorska

Validation and Renewals Specialist

Małgorzata Stępień

Validation and Renewals Specialist

Aleksandra Dziuba

Validation and Renewals Specialist

Aneta Klepczarek

Validation and Renewals Specialist

Marta Szczypińska

Junior Validation and Renewals Specialist

Value chain

Patent attorneys

Our patent attorneys come from various backgrounds (academia, patent office or business) and technical disciplines. They span two generations, which means access to tradition and the latest trends. Thanks to our booming litigation practice they understand the importance of the wording used in patent claims and specification. In the translation process the verification of specification is two-fold: initial review by a technical specialist or a patent attorney trainee with knowledge in the relevant field and a subsequent verification by the patent attorney who signs the validation order. In case when unusual terminology is involved (in particular terminology used in claims) we often conduct additional consultations among the whole team or with our outside technical experts.


LDS translation coordinator checks each time whether it is possible to use a translation of an already validated patent from the same patent family, which makes it possible to keep the published texts uniform and to reduce the translation costs. If this is not possible, LDS translation coordinator chooses from the database the best suitable translator, experienced in the particular field of expertise. Translators take a highly practical approach. They are primarily researchers and scientists, but also business-oriented people who bring all their energies to bear on providing thorough and accurate translations. The list of LDS translators includes: Professor of Genetics, Doctor of Medical Science, PhD’s of Biochemistry and Biotechnology or translators with Master degrees from these fields, PhD’s specialized in Mechanical Engineering and Electronics. Our successes to date foster their entrepreneurial spirit and provide motivation for further work.

Business administration professionals

Process management and technology enable us to keep each stage of the validation process under control. We maintain cost discipline and deploy our resources to deal with any number of instructions, often acting under time pressure to mitigate any business risks. Our fee schedules are adapted to meet tight budgets, regardless of whether they are based on word counts or annual turnover.

Your success in Poland is possible due to our structuralized, perfected and optimized process chain in the area of validating European patents. We assign multiple resources to a single activity in the whole process.