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Who we are

We have always believed that a clear focus on intellectual property and emphasis on the quality and depth is the way forward.

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State of the art

We keep a watchful eye on state-of-the-art IP concepts from the world.

The business of IP is itself an ever-changing and innovative environment. We not only closely follow Polish and European case-law and legislative developments, but look out for „make-law”-cases and cases on the cutting edge of Polish and European IP where a preliminary reference to the court of justice of the European Union or an Enlarged Board of the Supreme Courts of Poland is a possibility from the beginning.

Our partners have been involved in numerous breakthrough cases, which have changed the perception of legal provisions or implemented legal concepts previously known in other jurisdictions in Poland.

Our partners and associates
participate in internal and external
seminars and trainings. We actively
participate in the work of various IP
associations such as: AIPPI, INTA,
and the Polish Chamber of Patent

AIPPI — Association Internationale pour la Protection de la Propriété Intellectuelle

INTA — International Trademark Association

LES — Licensing Executives Society

ECTA — European Communities Trade Mark Association

Marques — The Association of European Trade Mark Owners

PTMG — Pharmaceutical Trade Marks Group

EPI — Institute of Professional Representatives before the European Patent Office

Polska Izba Rzeczników Patentowych

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Covering a broad array of IP-related matters allows us to strategically assess every issue

We do more than just litigate cases or evaluate draft contracts. We partner with you to solve the problem from beginning to end. To do this, we involve the breadth of human resources within the firm, trying to tackle the problems in a simple and straightforward manner which makes sense not only legally, but primarily for the commercial side of the business. We see the big picture - the role of an asset within the company, the local and international market implication of decisions, the relationship with competition. All this allows us to think outside the box and provide strategic solutions.

We see ourselves as involved in a long-term relationship with the client, both on the local level as well as internationally.

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A complete and all-round IP practice

If you turn to us with any intellectual property and neighboring issues, you will always have the benefit of a single strategic contact and a team of specialists geared toward your needs. We value and encourage the synergies resulting from the combination of technical, procedural and substantive law skills.

It is further our firm's belief that excellence can only be achieved in an effective and friendly working environment.


Portfolio management

For our clients we ensure cost-effective management of large portfolios of patents and trademarks. Our clients can benefit from our creative filing strategies relevant for what the client and competition intend. Our formalities’ team effectively manages renewals and other aspects of portfolio management.

Part of the global approach to our clients’ cases is monitoring of the general administrative case-law to see how the concepts derived therein apply to the specifics of the client’s IP problem. In prosecution we have been successful in challenging established practices with respect to issues such as sufficient disclosure or application of the problem-solution approach in the inventive step analysis.

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Our clients can benefit from professional advice and representation in all stages of trade mark enforcement proceedings.


It is important to stay creative when doing trademark enforcement. Bearing in mind that no two cases are the same, we apply our experience, knowledge of the procedure and substantive law to develop a tailored strategy.


Timely action is an extremely important consideration in all legal work but it is especially relevant for enforcement work. For our clients we have secured several interim measure awards within a few days from their filing.


Our office is conducting a number of cases based on the provisions of the freshly implemented Enforcement Directive into Polish Law where case law in this area will be established. Our clients can benefit from our understanding of the fact that a business perspective needs to be put on any enforcement action and our awareness of the risk-benefit relationship in any economic venture.


Our clients can draw from our experience in enforcing not only straightforward word or figurative marks, but also marks which pertain to use of a color combination per se or to the trade-dress of the product.

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Patent disputes tend to be highly complex cases where technical, procedural and substantive law skills are required to jointly fall into place in a synchronized and synergistic manner for each case.

Patent infringement in Poland is dealt with by the general civil commercial courts. There is therefore some opportunity for forum shopping in search of competence and/or speed. There is a possibility to seek preliminary injunctions, including ex-parte injunctions. The courts will appoint an expert to advise on the technical aspects of the case. The civil courts have no jurisdiction over validity. There is varying case law with respect to stays pending invalidity actions before the Patent Office.

The case law on doctrine of equivalents is relatively limited in Poland. One partner of the firm has been involved in a highly complex pharmaceutical litigation, where the Court of Appeals has recently confirmed that there is a necessity to interpret claims in Poland and that this interpretation may be extensive, going beyond the literal meaning.

Invalidity cases are tried by the Patent Office and an appeal is available (generally non-suspensive on the execution of the Patent Office decision) to the administrative court. The interrelation between the civil and administrative procedures and the enforceability of the first instance Patent Office decisions create a very complex area where strategic and procedural competence are required to achieve the goals that the proceedings are to achieve.

A patent case has a tendency of turning into a battle of experts; whereas only court appointed expert opinions are considered proof in proceedings, parties should and do employ private experts to provide opinion and sometimes even give testimony. Extensive knowledge of the relevant fields allows us to identify the right persons that could be suggested as court-appointed experts or whom we could employ on our client’s side.

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Pharmaceutical regulatory law

Our pharmaceutical clients also benefit from our understanding of general pharma regulatory law. This is especially important in patent litigation for pharmaceutical products.


Pharmaceutical and life-science work is one of the most sophisticated aspects of our business. The prosecution practice of our firm involves several hundred pending and granted patents under our supervision. We have often challenged the restrictive practices of the Polish Patent Office with respect to enablement and obviousness at the administrative court and have gained excellent experience in this respect. For our clients our litigation team has tackled several complex cases regarding enforcement of active compound, process and composition patents and interrelated invalidity proceedings.

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Product design protection

Our creativity and strategic approach are at their best use in product design cases. This field requires careful co-ordination of unfair competition, design law and trademarks, sometimes also other skills are called for. Only specialization in the field allows to gather sufficient know-how to conduct these complex disputes.


For our clients we have conducted prosecution and litigated numerous cases involving designs of containers for alcoholic beverages, perfume and other products. These are very often borderline cases where the fundamental principles of trade mark law are tested.


We have assisted in some cases and also devised protection strategies for colours or colour combinations per se as applied to the outer appearance of the product.


The European Union is clearly in the avant-garde of design legislation worldwide. The concepts of individual character and the overall impression of the design are slowly being defined in case-law. The lawyers of LDS stay on top of these development and invest their input into them in Poland.

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We provide insight into the realities of the Polish legal system based on many years of representing major brand owners in all anti-counterfeiting procedures.

Polish customs have a good track record of seizing counterfeited and pirated goods not only on the border but also within the country. We are in close touch with the customs administration and their practice as regards:

  • data exchange
  • trainings of customs officers
  • seizures
  • settlement policies
  • links between customs and other procedures
  • the Polish phase of Community wide customs protection schemes
In numerous cases, using the penal way assists best to discourage distributors and break the supply chain. We aim at protection of our clients’ interests by use of their rights in the capacity as the injured party in penal proceedings. We also serve our clients’ interests dealing with the practical aspects of changing the Police’s, prosecutors’ and courts’ approach to counterfeiting.

Where necessary we coordinate supply of evidence in proceedings and exchange information with relevant State officers.

Whenever it is feasible to track participants of the counterfeiting business and they may be held liable financially, it is sensible to employ the civil route. It gives access to injunctive relief, damages and generally broader remedies. We pay attention to any case when middlemen such as auction sites may be effectively discouraged from participation in that business by a court action.

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In many cases it is a sound business solution to acquire exclusive rights or suitable scopes of licenses to patents, designs or brands – rather than to build assets from scratch. Transfer of IP assets must involve a check of the acquired rights and identification of any IP related issues and potential exposures. They should be taken into account from the outset and may have an effect on the whole structure of the transaction. The negotiated concluded agreements should address and secure all relevant aspects of the client’s interests. We also assist clients in IP aspects of larger corporate transactions such as mergers and acquisitions.

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Unfair competition

In the relatively short history of market economy in Poland some basic concepts are yet to be coined, e.g. what are fair practices in business, how likely the average consumer is to be misled or whether the ownership of some IP rights justifies acting in the detriment of competitors. Therefore the position of the client must always be presented in a well-considered manner in order to succeed. We assist clients on various matters such as:

  • protection of business names
  • protection of product configurations
  • protection of commercial secrets
  • unfair advertising charges.

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Our clients can benefit from our experience covering various spheres of copyright law:

  • drafting and negotiating all types of contracts related to development of advertising works
  • advising on copyright related issues in marketing and brand design
  • representing publishers in drafting and negotiating of contracts as well as in contentious cases
  • litigation in a variety of contentious matters.

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Advertising law

We see brand building and IP protection as two faces of the same complex process – creating and defending the rights that businesses may have in their product. We have extensive experience providing full service legal assistance for major network and local advertising agencies. Our clients can also draw from deep and competent legal insight while being attentive to the business needs and realities.

Our clients can benefit from professional advice on all legal issues related to marketing communication:

  • setting a model of cooperation between advertisers and agencies
  • drafting contracts related to various projects from TV commercials’ production to untypical BTL actions
  • acquisition and clearing of IP rights
  • commercialization of images, talent contracts
  • complex agreements with celebrities
  • assessment of conformance of marketing strategies with the law and protected interests of third parties
  • legal aspects of product marking
  • personal data protection
  • providing comprehensive solutions for promotional competitions and lotteries
  • representing clients in all stages of disputes.

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Food and beverage regulations

We serve our clients’ interests with our general legal expertise combined with knowledge of details related to food manufacturing, marking and marketing as well as our experience of working for new brands as well as for brands with a long tradition on the Polish market.

We assist our clients in their creation of new packaging:

  • clearing the new design against earlier rights
  • checking compliance with regulatory laws
  • acquiring or registering rights suitable for protection.

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Plant variety protection

Our law firm is one of the few offices on the Polish market that provides legal advice and professional assistance in obtaining and maintaining exclusive rights to plant varieties. Our services include:

1. comprehensive legal advice and representation of clients in matters related to infringements of exclusive rights to plant varieties at pre-trial and judicial stages, including:

  • legal assessment of infringements and preparation of cease-and-desist letters;
  • participation in negotiations and mediations aimed at an amicable settlement of disputes;
  • representing clients in civil and criminal proceedings.

2. drafting, negotiating and advising on agreements related to plant varieties, including license agreements and agreements on the transfer of exclusive rights;

3. drafting legal opinions and analyzes on matters related to plant varieties;

4. developing working strategies and enforcing exclusive rights to plant varieties;

5. cooperating with customs authorities in the following areas:

  • exchanging data and conducting trainings in which customs officers are presented with rights to plant varieties conferred upon clients, and related issues;
  • representing clients in cases of customs seizures of transports of goods infringing exclusive rights to plant varieties.

We also cooperate with specialists in the field of plant variety registration.

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EP Validations

LDS is your go to address whenever Poland is listed in your B1 publication.

LDS reinterpretation of the role of the modern patent agent creates added value for our clients. Your innovations excite us, and we are a reliable service provider and a trusted partner. You can always get a free estimate for European patent validation, even for last-minute filings.


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Lead Validation and Records


Validation and Renewals Specialist


Senior Validation and Renewals Specialist


Senior Validation and Renewals Specialist


Validation and Renewals Specialist


Patent and trademark attorney trainee




Validation and Renewals Specialist


Validation and Renewals Specialist


Validation and Renewals Specialist


Validation and Renewals Specialist


Junior Validation and Renewals Specialist

Marek Łazewski

European Patent Attorney
[email protected]


  • Warsaw School of Economics (Master’s Degree in International Economics);
  • Warsaw University Law School and Jagiellonian University in Krakow;
  • Postgraduate Degree in Industrial Property Law;
  • Admitted in 1999 (European Patent Attorney from 2004);
  • Studied Management at IESE and INSEAD.

Previously partner at Lazewska & Lazewski;

Specializes in complex patent, trademark and design prosecution and litigation; Marek has particular experience in life-science patent litigation area having been involved in life-cycle management of several highly successful international pharmaceutical products, managing complex interactions between experts, courts and the Polish Patent Office; supervising and conducting prosecution, validity and infringement proceedings in Poland related to patents covering these products.

In addition to the active litigation practice Marek acts as managing partner at LDS, supervising the firm’s practice in trademarks and designs as well as a well-established, process driven and standardized part of the firm’s services that includes validation and portfolio management (renewals, register changes, etc).

Activities and membership:

  • Throughout his career Marek has been an active member of numerous international IP associations, appearing at conferences, serving on committees and doing management work. Marek was:
    • engaged in establishing the Polish branch of LES (Licensing Executives Society),
    • a member of the management board of AIPPI Poland (the International Association for the Protection of Intellectual Property),
    • involved in forming a local provisional FICPI group (the International Federation of Intellectual Property Attorneys).
  • He was also involved in the activities of the Polish Patent Attorneys Bar as head of disciplinary prosecutors and currently, Marek serves on the Polish Patent Attorneys Bar supervisory board.
  • He was the first Polish member of EPLIT – the European Patent Litigators Association, currently a member of EPLIT.
  • From September 2019 he is the Secretary General of the International Association for the Protection of Intellectual Property (AIPPI) in Zurich, which gives him unparalleled access to international policy development in the field of Intellectual Property.

Advised the Polish Ministry of Economy on the legal and economic problems involved in the introduction of the Community Patent in Poland;

Member of the panel of the IPR Enforcement Experts Group organized by DG ENTR to evaluate best practices in IPR enforcement support measures;


  • Chambers & Partners Europe & Global Guides – recommended every year since 2011;
  • WTR 1000 – The World’s Leading Trademark Professionals – recommended every year since 2016;
  • IAM Patent 1000 – The World’s Leading Patent Litigators – recommended every year since 2011;
  • Who’s Who Legal – Trademarks for 2009; The International Who’s Who of Trademark Lawyers 2011; The International Who’s Who of Business Lawyers 2012;
  • Nominated by Who’s Who Legal The International Who’s Who of Business Lawyers Trademarks 2013 and Business Patent Lawyers;
  • The Legal 500: Europe, Middle East & Africa 2013’s editorial;
  • Managing IP: IP Stars.

Foreign languages: English, French and Russian;

Hobbies/interests: boxing, horseback riding (showjumping).

Michał Siciarek

[email protected]



  • Graduate of Warsaw University Law School;
  • Graduate of Warsaw Catholic University Musicology;
  • Graduated from Jagiellonian University in Krakow, Postgraduate Degree in Copyright and Publishing Law;

Previously partner at Łaszczuk & Wspólnicy until co-founding LDS;

Michał assists clients in the enforcement of IP rights, litigation, as well as in relation to copyright and unfair competition law. He coordinates complex penal, administrative and customs anti-counterfeiting programmes. He advises on advertising & marketing, food law and product marking strategy, licensing and IP-related transactions. Michał has also worked with a number of network and local advertising agencies as well as with marketing departments of major advertisers.

As well as teaching Copyright at the Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts and the Warsaw Technical University, Michał is a frequent lecturer and contributor at conferences and seminars related to food law, copyrights and advertising, and marketing law.

Activities and membership:

  • Member of INTA Copyright Committee
  • Member of AIPPI Commercialization Committee

From 2004 to 2008, chair of the Intellectual Property Rights Committee at the American Chamber of Commerce in Poland.

Arbitrator of the Court of Arbitration in Warsaw for audio-visual market disputes.


  • Co-author of The Intellectual Property Review 2nd edition (published in June 2013 – editor Robert L Baechtold), chapter on Poland;
  • Co-author of The Intellectual Property Review 3rd edition (published in June 2014 – editor Robert L Baechtold), chapter on Poland;
  • Co-author of The Intellectual Property Review 4th edition (published in June 2015 – editor Robert L Baechtold), chapter on Poland;


recommended in:

  • WTR1000 – The World’s Leading Trademark Professionals
  • The Legal 500: Europe, Middle East & Africa 2013’s editorial

Foreign languages: fluent English, French and German.

Sławomira Łazewska

Patent Attorney
[email protected]

Graduate of Warsaw University;
Experience acquired as an examiner in the chemistry department at the Polish Patent Office and as a patent attorney in the Industrial Chemistry Research Institute in Warsaw; involved in prosecution of both Polish and international patent applications in the area of polymer chemistry and general chemistry; from 1989 until 1995, on Polish Patent Office’s Board of Appeals;
In 1995 established a partnership which later grew to become one of the leading IP practices in Poland, Łazewska & Łazewski;

Specializes in almost every aspect of IP work, including prosecution, litigation (also acting as an expert witness in patent cases) and general transactional work;


  • Member of the Polish Chamber of Patent Attorneys and Polish Association of Patent Attorneys in Private Practice;
  • Member of FICPI and AIPPI.

Anna Królikowska

Patent Attorney
[email protected]

Patent Attorney;


Graduate of Warsaw University; the Faculty of Chemistry;

Experience acquired, among others, as a technologist in the chemical research institutes. After acquiring professional qualifications she practiced the profession of patent attorney – team leader at the Institute of Industrial Chemistry in Warsaw. From 1989 until 1995, on Polish Patent Office’s Board of Appeals. Since 2000 she has been providing services in the field of protection of industrial property;

She specializes in chemical and pharmaceutical inventions, among others in formulating application documentation, proceedings before the Polish Patent Office, litigation in the field of protection of industrial property and agreements referring to the exclusive rights;

Member of the Polish Chamber of Patent Attorneys;

Foreign languages: English, French.

Zofia Szczepańska

European Patent Attorney
[email protected]

Patent Attorney;

Graduate of Warsaw University of Technology; the Faculty of Chemistry; major organic technology and instrumental analysis. Admitted in 1993 (European Patent Attorney from 2004);

She gained her experience in chemical industry and as an expert in the Polish Patent Office. Many years of practice on the Polish Patent Office’s Board of Appeal and the Board of Contentious Matters. She attended numerous courses (both domestic and abroad) including training in EPO (the Hague, Munich). Since 1997 she has been providing services in the field of protection of industrial property.

Zofia specializes in chemical inventions, especially organic chemistry, pharmacy and plant protection products.

Member of the Polish Chamber of Patent Attorneys.

Foreign languages: English.

Agnieszka Gałązka-Kuszczyk

[email protected]


Graduate of the Faculty of Law and Administration at Cardinal Stefan Wyszynski University in Warsaw;

Experience acquired in the legal department of a leading international pharmaceutical company in Poland and Polish Regulatory Agencies – the Ministry of Health and the Main Pharmaceutical Inspectorate;

Specializes in pharmaceutical law, industrial property matters, copyrights and unfair competition, food law and “borderline products” (food supplements, cosmetics, medical devices);

Foreign languages: speaks fluent English;

Hobbies/interests: fringe theatre; gardening;  relaxing with friends and family.

Krystyna Żurawska

Trademark and Patent Attorney
[email protected]

Trademark and patent attorney, Head of Trademark Prosecution;

Graduate of the Faculty of Law at SWPS University, Warsaw School of Economics; Postgraduate Degree in Intellectual Property Law at Warsaw University; graduate of patent and trademark attorney bar at the Polish Chamber of Patent Attorneys in 2011. Professional experience gained with Baker McKenzie Warsaw.

Krystyna specializes in prosecution and adversarial proceedings for national and EU trademarks, designs and domain arbitration proceedings.

Activities and membership:

  • Member of the Polish Chamber of Patent Attorneys,
  • Council Member of ECTA and ECTA Harmonisation Committee – with more than 1500 members this association promotes the knowledge of the Intellectual Property Law community in the fields of Trade Marks, Designs, Copyright and other Intellectual Property Rights, within the European Union,
  • Member of AIPPI – the International Association for the Protection of Intellectual Property,
  • Member of INTA – the International Trademark Association – Krystyna is an active member of the INTA Free Trade Agreements Subcommittee of the Harmonization of Trademark Law and Practice Committee.

Foreign languages: English;

Hobbies/interests: flamenco, Slavic fantasy books, windsurfing, snowboard, baking muffins.

Iwona Waglowska

[email protected]

Attorney-at-law, Senior associate;

Iwona Waglowska specializes primarily in a wide spectrum of issues concerning intellectual property law. She provides legal services in matters concerning copyrights and neighbouring rights, trademarks, personal data, industrial designs, unfair competition as well as advertising regulations applicable in promotional activities. The protection of personal rights also represents a significant element of her specialization.

Iwona’s professional experience includes having advised Polish and international companies in various sectors, such as publishing houses, advertising agencies, communication platform providers and producers from the following sectors: cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, oil processing, FMCG, industrial, furniture and automotive. As well as successfully representing clients in a variety of proceedings, both before common courts and administrative tribunals (including the Polish Patent Office), she has also worked for international oil and chemical companies and represented them in criminal proceedings relating to fighting counterfeit products.

Iwona is an author of numerous press articles on intangible property rights.

Foreign languages: English

Interests / hobbies: photography

Izabela Skrzyńska-Majewska

European Patent Attorney
[email protected]

Patent and trademark attorney, European patent attorney (EQE 2015);

Graduate of the Warsaw University of Technology, the Faculty of Chemical and Process Engineering (MSc Eng Degree in Industrial Biotechnology); Scholarships at the University of Natural Resources and Applied Sciences in Vienna and the University of Bayreuth; Internship at the University of Konstanz; Basic training course on the European Patent Law, Warszawa 2009 – 2011 CEIPI (Universite de Strasbourg);

Specializes in patent prosecution and litigation in the area of chemistry, pharmacy, biotechnology and biochemistry;

Member of AIPPI – the Association for the Protection of Industrial Property;

Foreign languages: English, German.

Michał Rybarczyk

[email protected]


Graduated with honors from the Faculty of Law and Administration, University of Warsaw. Moreover, spent a year on a scholarship at Ludwig‑Maximilians‑Universität in Munich (Germany). He is also a graduate of the Center for American Law Studies co-organized by Levin College of Law – University of Florida and University of Warsaw (summa cum laude);

Michal gained professional experience during a traineeship in a Warsaw office of one of the leading international law firms and an internship in a litigation-specialized law firm in Miami, Florida (USA);

He specializes in issues concerning unfair competition and intellectual property, especially related to patents and trademarks protection;

Publications: An article “Professional League – Organization in Poland and the USA – De Lege Ferenda Demands” in “Legal Aspects of Functioning of Sports Federations. Recapitulation of a Nationwide Conference”, Cracow 2014.

Memberships: During the studies he was a member of the Intellectual Property Law Students’ Association “IP” and Sports Law Students’ Association “Ius et Sport”, as well as a Member of the Board of these associations;

Foreign languages: English, German;

Hobbies: travelling, tennis, skiing, role playing games (RPG).

Adam Kudaj

Ph.D. Eng. Patent Attorney
[email protected]

Graduated from the Faculty of Chemistry of Łódź University of Technology. In 2009 Adam obtained his PhD degree from the Faculty of Organic Chemistry at Łódź University of Technology.

In April 2017, he passed a qualifying examination and became a patent attorney.

Adam specializes in conducting product and patent clearance searches. He is also involved in patent prosecution and litigation in the area of chemistry.

Languages: English

Eliza Stypińska

Patent Attorney
[email protected]

Patent attorney;

Graduate of the Warsaw University of Technology; Faculty of Environmental Engineering at the Warsaw University of Technology, major in Environmental Protection Systems – specialty Information Technology and Management in Environmental Protection;

Postgraduate Degree in Industrial Property Law at Warsaw University;

Specializes in patent prosecution and litigation in the area of mechanics;

Member of the Polish Chamber of Patent Attorneys; professional representative before the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO);

Member of AIPPI – Association for the Protection of Industrial Property

Foreign languages: English, German;

Hobbies/interests: literature and culture of English-speaking countries, new technologies, Formula 1.

Michał Nejman

Patent Attorney
[email protected]

Graduated from Lodz University of Technology, the Faculty of Chemistry. Specializes in chemical technology of organic compounds, in particular in the field of medicinal chemistry. He became a patent attorney in 2016.

Michał has broad experience in chemical and pharmaceutical industry. He participated in the process of manufacturing of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs). He took part in developing new synthetic routes of many organic compounds. Michał is also proficient in many analytical techniques, such as HPLC, NMR, MS, TLC (HPLC), IR, DSC, XRPD. Furthermore, he is experienced in registration of medicinal products, preparation of registration dossier, in particular chemical-pharmaceutical documentation regarding chemistry, manufacturing and controls (CMC). He participated in research and development of new modified release oral dosage forms, he coordinated manufacturing of pilot batches and participated in planning of BEQ studies.

In LDS Michał deals with the validation of European patents in the areas of chemistry and pharmacy and he advises in patent litigation in said areas.


New access to racemic β3-amino acids, M. Nejman, A. Śliwińska, A. Zwierzak,Tetrahedron,2005,61, 8536-8541. DOI: 10.1016/j.tet.2005.04.077


Informatics, programming (bash, HTML, python, Arduino IDE), fishing.

Katarzyna Jastrzębska-Białecka

[email protected]

Advocate at the District Bar Council in Warsaw;

Graduate of law at the Cardinal Stefan Wyszynski University in Warsaw and the Intellectual Property School at the H. Grocjusz Intellectual Property Centre in Kraków;

She gained her professional experience working in the Warsaw legal office focused on economic and civil law. She also worked as an assistant of the judge in the Civil Division and Land and Mortgage Division. She underwent a number of practices in regional courts, including the Court of Consumer and Competition Protection in Warsaw and the public prosecutor’s office.

Associated with LDS since 2013. Responsible for the registration of changes in the PTO’s databases. Actively participates in the work of the Extensions of Intellectual Property Rights and Validation of Patents Department. Supports the lawyers and patent attorneys in the current cases.

Membership: Warsaw Bar Council;

Languages: English;

Hobbies/interests: board games, fantasy, cooking.

Natalia Łaski

Attorney-at-law trainee
[email protected]

Graduate of the Faculty of Law and Administration at Jagiellonian University, defending a thesis “Trademark fair use”. Currently participant of the School of Intellectual Property at the Center of Intellectual Property Law (“IP Centrum”) in Cracow.

Before joining LDS team she gained professional experience during a traineeship in Department of Patent Research and Department of Case Law in Polish Patent Office as well as in a Warsaw law firm specialized in the fields of corporate, intellectual property and new technologies law.

Natalia specializes in issues concerning the protection of industrial property rights, especially related to trademarks.

Foreign languages: English

Interests / hobbies: travelling, environmental protection, psychological movies

Marcin Prokop

Junior Patent Specialist
[email protected]

He graduated from the University of Opole, the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Technology, Biotechnology, with specialization in Environmental Biotechnology. During his studies he worked, among others, on biomonitoring of the environment and potential application of essential oils in ecological food production processes. In addition, as a member of the Scientific Organization of Biotechnologists of Opole University, he was involved in the popularization of science, by organizing exhibitions at the annual Opole Science Days as well as in a number of other popular science projects conducted in various schools in the Opole region.

He started his professional career working at a large international food company where he dealt with i.a. bio-chemical analysis of samples and multilevel production process control system. Seeking new challenges and opportunities to combine knowledge gained during studies and work experience Marcin has joined the patent team of our Law Firm and he specializes in validating European patents in biotechnology and mechanics.

Scientific publications:

Application of mosses to identification of emission sources of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons. Ecological Chemistry and Engineering S, 2012, 19 (4), 585-595

Foreign Languages:

English (B2) and German (confirmed by DSD II)

Maciej Smyk

Attorney-at-law trainee
[email protected]

Graduated from the Faculty of Law and Administration of the Jagiellonian University. In 2017 he defended his master thesis titled “The issue of original and derivate musical works” at the Intellectual Property Law Chair of the Jagiellonian University;

Since January 2018 a trainee attorney-at-law at the Warsaw Bar Association;

He developed his interests related to intangible rights i.a. during the traineeships in the Copyright Department of the Polish Music Publishing House and the Polish Patent Office;

Maciej specializes mainly in trademark law (particularly in the field of opposing and invalidating trademarks). His interests also cover issues regarding copyright law and protection of personal interests;

Foreign languages: English;

Interests: composing music, musical improvisation, literature.

Magdalena Pyszka

Junior Patent Specialist
[email protected]

Magdalena is a graduate of Chemical Technology and Biotechnology at the Chemical Faculty of the Gdańsk University of Technology who gained her professional and scientific experience primarily at the Faculty of Pharmacy of the Medical University. She specializes in separation techniques, especially chromatography.

She was a participant in many research and development projects. She is also a co-author of international publications and a co-author of the chapter in the book on popular science topics. In addition, she completed an internship at the Institute of Biomedical Engineering at Universitätsmedizin Rostock in Germany, where she dealt with the development and validation of analytical methods.

At LDS Magdalena deals with the validations of the European patents in the field of biotechnology, pharmacy and chemistry.


Application of 3D-printed scabbard-like sorbent for sample preparation in bioanalysis expanded to 96-wellplate high-throughput format, Anal. Chim. Acta 2019; vol. 1081, s. 1-5.

Bioanalysis of underivatized amino acids in non-invasive exhaled breath condensate samples using liquid chromatography coupled with tandem mass spectrometry, J. Chromatogr. A 2018; vol. 1542, s. 72-81.

New 3D-printed sorbent for extraction of steroids from human plasma preceding LC-MS analysis, J. Chromatogr. A 2018; vol. 1545, s. 1-11.


Nowoczesne techniki mikroekstrakcji w analizie farmaceutycznej i biomedycznej, Kierunki rozwoju chemii leków: Księga Jubileuszowa Profesor Marianny Zając, Wydawnictwo Naukowe Uniwersytetu Medycznego im. Karola Marcinkowskiego w Poznaniu, 2017, s. 85-94.

Daria Dymkowska

Junior associate
[email protected]

Graduate of the Faculty of Law and Administration at University of Warsaw, defending a thesis „Intellectual property rights as an in-kind contribution to capital companies in the Polish legal system”. Participant of the School of Intellectual Property at the Center of Intellectual Property Law („IP Centrum”) in Cracow.

Daria was a President of Intellectual Property Science Club at University of Warsaw. She also graduated with honors from the Civil Section of the Law Clinic at University of Warsaw.

Daria specializes in issues concerning the protection of industrial property rights, especially related to trademarks.

Foreign languages: English.

Interests/ hobbies: travelling, true crime literature and podcasts, British cats, the world of nature.

Anna Biłos

Senior Trademark Specialist
[email protected]

Graduated from the faculty of Polish Studies at the University of Warsaw.

Anna started her work at LDS 9 years ago. Her extensive work experience is a guarantee of high-quality services. Anna’s key responsibilities include providing full support to attorneys at law and patent attorneys in all aspects related to IP, i.e.: administration of the portfolio of industrial property rights, editing and drafting complex documentation, preparation of application forms in the proceedings, support to patent attorneys in the notification proceedings, disputes concerning the violation of intellectual property rights.

Languages: English

Hobbies / interests: music (especially Depeche Mode and Polish artists); literature; films (Scandinavian drama movies, French comedies, American fantasy films); decorating birthday cakes in English style; interior decorating.

Paulina Mielczarek

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Graduate of Częstochowa University of Technology, the Faculty of Management.

Postgraduate education:

  • Intellectual Property Law at Warsaw University
  • Research & Development Manager at University of Economics and Innovation in Lublin

She has gained her experience while working for the Polish as well as international firms. Moreover, for several years Paulina worked for one of the academies in Warsaw. She deals with the administrative support of lawyers and patent attorneys particularly for the Patent Department.

Foreign languages: English

Karolina Krasnodębska

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Karolina graduated from the Faculty of Journalism and Political Studies of the University of Warsaw, specialization – administration.

Karolina has over ten years of professional experience gained in the area of administration, including four years of experience as an administration manager in one of Warsaw’s IP law firms. At LDS Karolina supports the legal team consisting of attorneys-at-law and trainees.

Karolina speaks English. Her hobbies and interests include running, travelling, vegetarian and Middle Eastern cuisine.

Anna Laszkiewicz

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Graduate of Centre for Studies in Local Government and Development of the University of Warsaw.

Anna has gained her over 20 years professional experience in assistant and administrative field working recent eighteen years in one of the international law companies in Warsaw and previously in the companies from telecommunication and pharmaceutical trades.

At LDS Anna supports the team of patent attorneys in administrative work connected with filing Polish and European applications. Her responsibilities include help in preparing documentation, applications and letters to the offices (Polish and European Patent Offices) and monitoring the status of pending issues and deadlines.

Foreign languages: English, Spanish (communicative)

Interests: travelling, Spanish, sport (especially riding a bicycle), Sphinx cats, art of tattooing

Olga Łaska

Junior Administration Specialist
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A graduate of the Faculty of Agriculture and Biology at the Warsaw University of Life Sciences.

Olga joined the LDS team in May 2019 and she deals with office administration.

Languages: English, Spanish;

Interests: clinical dietetics, sports.